The Dream

The other day, I was sitting with my family holding a Windows 8 tablet trying to figure out what we could do together. We did not want to watch a movie, and handing it to one person to let them read a book did not seem like an option either. We had a few games on the device, but nothing we could really play together. Remembering back to board games like Chess, in which our family usually ended with the board flipped and the pieces scattered across the floor, we knew we were looking for a fun cooperative game. After some Google searches and browsing Window’s “Store” app, nothing turned up in the way of cooperative games. We had a few requirements for games we were willing to play, but just a few. We wanted the game to not be based on violence, we wanted to play together on the same screen (perhaps not all four of us, but at least my mother and I), and we did not want a competition in that one of us won and the others lost. My best description of the genre is Family Friendly Cooperative games, I just could not find it anywhere.

When looking for a game that would bring us together failed, we made a plan. With my mothers experience in programming, my fathers understanding of art, and my knowledge of the market we wanted to make a game. We began designing one that met the requirements we had as a family.